Monday, January 22, 2018

9 Healthy Juices During Pregnancy You Should Drink

Every day 830 die from maternally related cause during pregnancy. 3,03,000 women died roughly in 2015 for the same reason according to world health organization.
Are you sure that you are not going to be one of them?
Do you anxious enough about your pregnancy and your upcoming baby's health?
Are you searching for nutritious foods, healthy smoothies and juices which can give a richer supplement to both you and your baby's health?

Trust me; you'll not be anxious anymore for your baby's and your health after reading this.

Women are too much busy today with their works. They don't have enough time to know about a thing which isn't related to their works. So, when a woman gets pregnant for the first time it is hard to know what foods are better for her and the baby.
I don't want to take much your precious time – Let's know 9 most healthy juices you can drink during your pregnancy period.  

     Apple Juice:

Every woman gains weight during her pregnancy. But, unnecessary weight can be harmful both to you and your baby. Apple juice can prevent it in a greater way. It can also develop your upcoming baby's brain. Apple is also richer in antioxidant. This can protect the body from several harmful molecule damages. Apple juice can make your blood vessel disease free and increase the accuracy of blood circulation.


     Beet Root Juice:

Beetroot juice can boost your energy. Beetroot is richer with iron; this can protect you to avoid all kind of anemia. It contains fiver in it and fiver helps digestion system properly.


     Carrot Juice:

Carrot juice contains vitamins A and E. These vitamins keep your skin healthy and beautiful. Vitamin E is also good for hair fall solution. Vitamin A can increase your upcoming baby's eyesight. Carrot juice can reduce body toxins. Drinking this juice you can clean your liver.


          Orange Juice:

Orange has a richer source of vitamin C and potassium. It can protect you and your upcoming baby from flu. Orange has some natural acids in it which are very important for healthy body and mind.


     Peach Juice:

This juice can also act someway similar to beetroot. It contains iron and potassium itself. Peach fruit helps our body to release toxins. It keeps our bladder kidneys fresh and active.


     Grape Juice:

Grapes are purple, red, and green in colors. It is also a great source of minerals, vitamins, antioxidants, potassium, and the fiver. Grape juice can protect us from diabetics, heart diseases, cancer, and blood pressure. As it also contains fiver in it, this can help to prevent constipation too.


     Strawberry Juice:

Strawberry juice controls sugar level in blood. It is a source of manganese and vitamins, B9 and potassium. Oh! I forgot, it is a richer source of antioxidant too. This is beneficial for fresh skin tones.


     Mango Juice:

Mango contains more than 20 vitamins in it. It has a special antioxidant in it named zeaxanthin. Beta-carotene in mangoes can prevent asthma. This can also treat your baby with pneumonia. Mango contains vitamin K; this is hugely responsible for the healthy bone structure.


     Papaya Juice:

Like mango, papaya contains zeaxanthin antioxidants. It has fibers in it. This is great for digestion. You can drink this juice in case if it is not mango season when you are pregnant.

I’ve told you about 9 type of juices which you can drink during your pregnancy period, but, besides these juices, there are plenty of other beneficial fruits juice. For an example; you can drink simply green coconut water to get rid of dehydration. You can get folic acid, zinc, and calcium from lemon juice.
If you yourself aren’t very aware, how can you take care of your baby? If you assure everything about your baby’s health when it is in your womb, you definitely can wish a healthy baby when he/she will be born. 
Thank you for taking your precious time to read. I’m wishing you and your upcoming baby’s good luck, take care.

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